Bible Study – Sabbath School Division

Access or download your quarterly or weekly Sabbath School lessons here. Explore teacher resources and lesson extras for each of the areas below.


A traditional lesson study presented by seasoned teachers in the sanctuary. All are welcome.

Young adults meet in the balcony to study and discuss the Bible in a format that is geared especially for them. The Collegiate Quarterly is the basis for the study session. The lesson carries the same theme as the study presented to the Adult Division. Interested in lively discussion? Join this group.


Join us for a  lively discussion on current issues and the word of God. Check out the Cornerstone Connection link for additional lesson study resources. Visitors are always welcome.

Children ages 7-13 meet in the gym for fun and exciting presentations of God’s word.  Click the download button for additional resources. Visit the Guide link & Primary Treasure for age appropriate Bible stories. Visitors are always welcome.


Bible study is further enhanced for your child through, music, finger play, and role playing. Click the Download button for additional resources. Visitors are always welcome. Meeting in room 201

Children from birth to age 4 in room 203 are introduced to the Bible in a fun, interactive, age appropriate manner. Click on the Download button to get resources for parents for lesson study helps. Visitors are always welcome.

Additional Resources: